[Request] Enigma2 server

As an alternative to the TVHeadend container, could we have an Enigma2 server that uses the OpenWebif plugin so that we can manage it from a web browser?

For those who dont know, Enigma2 is the software that runs on 99.9% of Linux STBs.

There are build scripts for older versions of ubuntu, but I have had no luck with them. Here is an example… https://github.com/nobody9/openpliPC

Here is the web manage plugin… https://github.com/E2OpenPlugins/e2openplugin-OpenWebif

The main draw to this over TVH (for me) is the plugin ecosystem and better channel mapping. Obviously I would like the plugins and settings to persist. Not sure how possible that is.


I’m not going to touch that. Releasing a software with the last commit in 2014 isn’t really great security wise.

What is it you don’t get with tvheadend?

Yes that install script is very out-of-date, but Enigma2 is very current. Like Linux it comes in a bunch of different flavours. Here are some examples…


^Wouldnt let me post github links

This software is designed for set-top-boxes, but many people use their boxes as a server and stream to smart tvs, tv sticks, iOS Andorid etc. Remote management is possible thanks to the OpenWebif plugin.

Why over TVHeadend…

  • Much better channel mapping options…People also share full bouquets and there are apps available that will generate them for you with data from the internet.
  • Apps for PC that let you connect and manage your box.
  • Lots of plugins for just about everything.
  • More client choices than TVH.
  • Lots of support.


Not really interested in trying to get enigma 2 running on x86 to be honest.
If there was an easy to install package, maybe.

Here is a docker image that does spin up and can be connected to with VNC.
https://github dot com/technic/e2xvfb

The reason I requested this container is because I couldn’t do it myself. I run into errors when I try to compile.

Sorry, but I’m not going to make a container for it.

OK thanks anyways.
I will keep trying.
Maybe someone else will come along and give it a go.
In the meantime I will continue to use your TVH.