[Request] Ente - Fully open source end-to-end encrypted photos, authenticators and more

This went open source at the beginning of March. Seems like a cool little self hosted cloud for your pics.

Github: GitHub - ente-io/ente: Fully open source, End to End Encrypted alternative to Google Photos and Apple Photos
Their website: https://ente.io
Below more information from their Github.


Ente is a service that provides a fully open source, end-to-end encrypted platform for you to store your data in the cloud without needing to trust the service provider. On top of this platform, we have built two apps so far: Ente Photos (an alternative to Apple and Google Photos) and Ente Auth (a 2FA alternative to the deprecated Authy).

This monorepo contains all our source code - the client apps (iOS / Android / F-Droid / Web / Linux / macOS / Windows) for both the products (and more planned future ones!), and the server that powers them.

Our source code and cryptography have been externally audited by Cure53 (a German cybersecurity firm, arguably the world’s best), Symbolic Software (French cryptography experts) and Fallible (an Indian penetration testing firm).