[Request] EteSync Server


EteSync is a CalDAV server and app, that let the user sync contacts, calendars and tasks between multiple devices with end-to-end encryption, so that the sync server cannot access this data.

Android App is free and open-source. EteSync provides a paid managed instance, but the server and the web app are open-source and can be self-hosted.

It would be great if linuxserver.io team could create a Docker image for that.

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I forget the links
Server: https://github.com/etesync/server
Web app: https://github.com/etesync/etesync-web

Following up on this request. I used etesync prior to switching to nextcloud and find that I really miss etesync. It’s a simple but great service that will fill a gap for many folks who want a simple calendar/contacts hosting solution.

any update on this ?

no update. Unless someone on the team starts using this product, it is unlikely you’ll see a container from us.