[REQUEST] Etherpad - A real-time collaborative text editor

I would like to propose Etherpad as an addition to the LinuxServer image releases: GitHub - ether/etherpad-lite: Etherpad: real-time collaborative document editor. Let me explain why I think it would be valuable and worthwhile.

  1. At this point there isn’t really a simple text editor supported by LinuxServer. We have linuxserver/hedgedoc and linuxserver/code-server. The latter is way to complicated, it is really for coding. The former is already more focused on writing, but still mainly for Markdown editing.

  2. Etherpad is popular. Popular collaboration platform Framapad is build upon it. On AlternativeTo it is the software with the most upvotes in its category.

  3. A lot of work has already been done. The hardworking contributors at Etherpad have already created a docker image for Etherpad which properly. Although, I think it wouldn’t uphold LinuxServer standards. There are a few problems with the Docker Image and it seems that fixing them is not the main priority. Have a look at issue #4620 in the Etherpad repository where I encounter these problems.

    • User/Group mapping is not part of the docker image.
    • There is no simple way to mount volumes to the host, this has to do with the problems with user and groupmapping.
    • Therefore… A lot of configuration and tweaking cannot be persisted by the container, because those files are not on the host system. All added plugins and changed configurations have to be persisted by editing the docker-compose file. This is cumbersome.
    • Same goes for the cache folder.

I hope that a LinuxServer release image could be created. An image that could be installed once with basic configuration, and from then on all further configuration is saved and persisted on the host file system.

Hopefully I made a strong case, hope to hear from you!