[Request] FOG Project (FOSS network computer cloning and management solution)

A docker container for the FOG Project would be fantastic as it doesn’t appear to have any official container, and any listings on Dockerhub I was able to find have not been maintained for years. The FOG Project is something I am looking to use in my business environment and I’d prefer to be able to spin it up in a container rather than creating another Linux VM to run it.

The only mention of Docker in their documentation is found on the wiki they appear to be in the process of deprecating and has not been changed since 2015.

As a follow up to this request, I found a post on the Fog Project forums requesting an official Docker image. They make the case that -

There are three inofficial (non-functioning) images on hub.docker.com that attempts to provide FOG as an Image with >100k pulls. This shows me that a) there is a demand for a docker image and b) everybody of 100k people probably tried every one of the three images before giving up.

A moderator and senior developer of the project has replied to the thread saying

As soon as at least one person (better two) opt in to maintain the docker image we are ready to go.

To be fair, 100k pulls doesn’t mean 100k people. It could’ve been a ton of the same users pulling multiple times.

That said, we only create containers we use, so unless one of us starts using this application, we won’t make a container.