[Request] glances

Would be nice to have a linuxserver.io container for glances (https://github.com/nicolargo/glances).

Aside from the .conf file going into /config, what improvement would you expect to see from an LSIO container vs theirs?

I run the native container myself.

Main reason is that the native container is not updated to the latest glances upstream version. For example I need to use an auth system that seems to only be available in latest versions. See https://github.com/nicolargo/glances/issues/1674#issuecomment-663921724

mmm good reply, i was under the impression their container was the latest dev branch. I can’t commit us to anything, but thanks for chiming back in!

Thanks. No pressure obviously but keep us in touch here!

Actually I now have another motivation for an updated + linuxserver.io flavor docker image for glances: GPU monitoring.