[Request] Gnucash - I've done some of the work already

I would like to use Gnucash similar to the linuxserverIO Calibre container, with all of the cool optional features installed and enabled (eg, Finance::Quote and AqBanking). I mostly want this so I can deploy gnucash as a web app on my TrueNAS Scale server and do my accounting from anywhere. Surely others out there will appreciate this too. :thinking:

So far I’ve managed to copy the linuxserverIO docker-calibre repository and repurposed it for gnucash. See my progress here .

I got gnucash to start up in the VNC, but some of the icons won’t render, like the save icon (should be a floppy disk):

I haven’t done much research into the missing icons yet, but I’m working on it. I figure I should post my progress here and see if anyone has any tips or pointers they can give me.

Currently I am interested in learning more about:

  • Any potential fixes for the missing icons
  • How would I submit my work as an official container for linuxserverIO? As in, what’s the process? I am completely new to linuxserverIO and I have limited experience with docker containers.
  • Can someone point me to coding/style standards expected of linuxserverIO repositories?

All info is appreciated and preemptive apologies if I am missing trivial or obvious information. :upside_down_face:

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I have solved the missing icons issue. I needed to install adwaita-icon-theme-full.

I’ve been able to successfully deploy gnucash inside the VNC on my Truenas SCALE using Truecharts’ custom-app and instructions from here: Community How To Guide | Xstar's HomeLab

I’m pretty pleased with it! Hopefully the above is enough to help anyone else who’s interested in something like this.


Link is 404. Looks interesting though.

Thank you @nnard1616 i have been looking for this FOREVER!!!