[request] gonic - music streaming server (alternative to airsonic-advanced )

Would you consider adding gonic as a alternative music server to airsonic-advanced? It has a Dockerfile in their repo that uses Alpine. It has version releases since 2019, and appears to close out most issues and pull requests, so it seems relatively active.

Over the years on UNRAID, I’ve moved from LogitechMediaServer, to subsonic, to libresonic, to airsonic, to airsonic-advanced. The airsonic-advanced isn’t well-maintained anymore (last stable release in 2020) and seems gonic is a great alternative.

edit: add:
@TheHappyAkita I just browsed and saw you had a post on airsonic-advanced. I’m also concerned it’s on the brink of abandonware and love playing my old CD rips. Forked repos with changes are just pet projects until they’re merged back. When they’re renamed to be a new entity and maintained awhile, they’re more attractive. IMO music is a more frequent change cycle than TV and Movies apps (see above I’ve had just to play it, not DL it). New music is easier to just get through a cheap service, so it’s mostly archived MP3s that this matters most.

While gonic is a good product, I don’t feel we could add any extra value ontop of the container that they already provide. Granted they don’t provide an unraid template but it’s fairly simple to convert their compose to an unraid template.

Thanks for consideration @j0nnymoe !