[Request] Immich

Request for making a docker container for Immich - Releases · alextran1502/immich · GitHub


It would be really cool to see an Immich support !

I really think (after I tested LOTS of Google Photos alternative) that this one is the on to go.

Hope someone here could see what is possible with it !


Exactly how I feel. Photoprism is the most complete today and polished today, but it isn’t a google photos alternative in my mind. Immich on the other hand, although not finished, is and will be exactly what I want in my google photos alternative.

Immich does look pretty great. What is wrong with how they’re doing the setup though? If you’re thinking we will make that one container, we will not. I would also venture to say that until they consider the project “stable” we wouldn’t mess with it anyway. I honestly see no reason to not run their 3 containers and tie it in with redis, postgresql, and swag.

Thanks a lot for your reply, I understand your points.
I have to say I’m quite a beginner here and I thought that the LSIO team could work to merge the multiple containers into one.

I know some users work on doing this on their side, I hope it will work soon !