[Request] jDownloader

Can i please request a jDownloader container? thanks!

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We don’t do VNC/GUI based containers right now, I recommend using this instead: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-jdownloader-2

thanks for your input and suggestion. i will try this one out…
can you please mark this request closed and keep it here so that there wont be a similar request in the future?

I would like to bring that request back on the table.

But I don’t request a GUI oder VNC Container here. Jdownloader is capable of running headless. On could use a Jdownloader Instance on a Computer to connect to it or use https://my.jdownloader.org to control it. There is a image I’m aware of doing that: GitHub - jaymoulin/docker-jdownloader: JDownloader 2 Docker Image (Multiarch) - Passed 40M Downloads

However, while this particular image is the best currently available, it’s not working properly in all cases and is not satisfying. Something like this on the linuxserver quality level would be great!

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+1 to request.
Jdownloader can be run headless via My JDownloader.
While this Docker Hub exists, it has many problems (like JDownloader not starting at all, while container is runned), and it wasn’t updated for almost half year.