[REQUEST] Jellyseerr - The best Ombi altenative

I would appreciate if you consider to add Jellyseerr to Linuxserver.io.

Jellyseerr is the best alternative to Ombi
•with a better interface
•better looking
•sort by movie kind (Action, Comedy, Horror, etc)
•sort by movie producer (Disney, Universal, Metro Goldwyn, etc)
•There’s no problem with the tv show episodes availability mark
•There’s no scaling problem when using on mobile screen

Please, just consider to try it before saying no.



any progress?
maybe this isn’t the place to make this request

Just because something has been requested, doesn’t mean it will be built.

answer like
“we will not build this in foreseeable future”
is better than not answer at all
so i’m waiting for answer from staff

I’ll answer how I wish :slight_smile:
We currently have no discussed any plans to build this.

Though, apparently I’m not staff so you could be waiting a while longer.

sorry and thanks
didn’t notice you are a dev/mod

The developers of Jellyseerr are helping Overseerr add support for jellyfin, until that happens the official image is working fine