[Request] Komga - Free and open source comics/mangas server

Newer, more feature-rich, and currently updated replace for Ubooquity, which was last updated in 2018. Also, Ubooquity’s best Android reader (Kuboo) is no longer supported either and is in archive mode by the dev.

Komga does more and has an officially supported plugin for Tachiyomi on Android, which is considered to be a great manga/comic reader, also currently maintained.

The official Docker image for Komga doesn’t allow for UID/GID settings, nor timezone via environment variables, thus causing issues on some devices with file permissions (e.g. Synology).

Komga Official Website
Komga Official GitHub
Komga Official Docker

Komga Demo and Screenshots

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Reached out to the dev regarding the current Docker image and adding UID/GID. Their response:

thw env Var for containers is because they use a special os inside the docker image. The user flag is a native feature of docker. I don’t have time nor willingness to modify the image to support older docker daemons that don’t have the user flag. You will need to manage permissions another way.