[Request] Kopia as a superior option to Duplicati

I have been using LSIO’s Duplicati image with success for some time, but I’ve always been uncomfortable with its temperamental nature. The database seems tenuous, and it is very inefficient in data handling. I really don’t like that a critical system is a Windows emulation in a Linux container.

I then came across Kopia which is superior in so many ways. It de-duplicates, compresses and offers a vastly superior incremental backup system. Encryption is handled transparently and efficiently. It is under active development and supported well by the devs, with detailed documentation a user forum and slack channel.

It is multi-user, natively connects to a range of cloud storage services, and can be run both GUI and CLI. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is rock-solid stable and very fast.

Kopia has a dev-created container, but it’s fairly rudimentary and would be well-served being managed by Docker experts.

Can the LSIO team consider its support? I think it would be an incredibly valuable addition to the fleet, and a great contribution to the community.