[Request] Librephotos container

I am rookie when it comes to creating docker templates.
I am benchmarking different self-hosted Google Photos alternatives.
Found Librephotos promising, but could not build the docker.
Would somebody be so nice and create a template of this?

I am using Unraid for a very long time. This might help the volunteer:

Thank you in advance!

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I think you got something wrong somewhere. We don’t make unraid templates for other people’s containers. Only for our own.
You are better off asking this question on the unraid forum.

Not sure if I should create a new thread or pile on this one as I am, but I would like to have a linuxserver container for Librephotos. I am also in the boat of evaluating options other than Google Photos and I am starting to lean towards leveraging your NextCloud container in conjunction with Librephotos. Going to try out the official container for now, but would love to have one from your guys if you think it makes sense.



@harshl Did you ever find a good solution? I’m looking at testing LibrePhotos + Nextcloud but am having a hard time setting it up in portainer (where i have the rest of my containers).