[Request] Mosquitto


At first thanks to all the community contributors, my Linuxserver fleet is just so awesome!

I was a little bit surprised not to see Mosquitto here (https://mosquitto.org/ and Docker Hub). Any chance someone wants to step up on this ?

+1 on this request from me.

The official mosquitto images have very weird permissions on the persistent data which I think is a shame. On startup, the container changes the permissions to the data which makes it unreadable on the host.

I do not have this problem with linuxserver images, so I wish there was a mqtt image by the linuxserver team avaiable for this.

permissions or ownership? i have no problem reading my data on the host, i just tell it what user and group to make own the data…

Looks like ownership

-rw-r–r-- 1 1883 1883 479 Mar 14 2021 mosquitto.conf

Of course, that user ID doesn’t exist on the host, so you have to read that data as root if you want to read it.