[Request] Murmur (server for Mumble voice chat)

Mumble is an “open source, low latency, high quality voice chat”, primarily used for gaming. It’s generally not difficult to deploy Murmur, the server for Mumble, but a Docker image that integrates with SWAG would make certificate management much easier.


Have you check the following guide? https://www.linuxserver.io/blog/zero-trust-hosting-and-reverse-proxy-via-cloudflare-swag-and-authelia

I’ll post a compose file later on how to accomplish it!
Hopefully it helps!

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That guide seems to be describing something quite different from what I’m asking about, which is just using one server application with SWAG.

To answer my own question, first, there’s an official docker image for mumble-server, also known as Murmur.

From the docs on the GitHub site, you can supply most configuration details as environment variables, including the TLS certificates to use.

And LinuxServer’s docs explain setting up the directory with certs from SWAG as a volume attached to another service.

So the work I was requesting is basically already done. (The official Murmur image isn’t built for ARM CPUs currently, just for amd64, but they should be available again soon.)

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