[Request] Musicbrainz Pickard

My personal opinion is that Musicbrainz Pickard is one of the best mp3/aac/flac/etc. music taggers out there. In addition it is also the official tagger for Musicbrainz. As more and more people are storing their digitalized music to NAS machines, it would be nice to have a good music tagger which also runs as a container within NAS.

I am writing this request with modest hope that someone within the great community can pick this up and create a Musicbrainz Pickard container on behalf of noobie like me. I will be happy to test and provide feedback by deploying it to my NAS environment. I run container station and exceptionally good container manager, Portainer, on QNAP NAS. I already run few of containers released by this community in my NAS, therefore being familiar how you expose environment etc. for linuxserver containers.

References to Musicbrainz Pickard for those who are unfamiliar about it

I use the linuxserver/beets image for this but that needs to be used via terminal. This would be more of a GUI image. Maybe if there is a webUI on it? Doesn’t seem to be that way by looking into the app documentation.

Thanks, looked into beets, however for tagging I prefer GUI driven approach. Meanwhile I have tried two different approach (until learning how to build my own docker images)

  • Selfbuild Ubuntu 18.04 LXC container with LDXE desktop environment + noVNC (by the way, noVNC feels very promising and modern VNC experience through HTML5 based browser interface) where I installed Picard package and its dependences
  • Also there is now fresh and very promising mikenye/picard image for Picard which is based on jlesage’s excellent base image. Will keep on trying this one and report issues to developer.
    So far good but with both cases I having issues with Japanese fonts leading crashes and unreadable filenames). Will post update here if I managed to find something workable.

One more update for this topic. I have been testing/using mikenye/picard image for a while and after a fonts issue was resolved by the developer (big thanks!) it has been rock solid. I did not try linuxserver/beets which is propably great as I was looking a containorized GUI alternative for tagging. And for those who prefer GUI mikenye/picard is a great option. Recommended :wink: :smile:

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