[Request] nzbget from nzbgetcom/nzbget

Hi LSio,

There is a group of developers and contributors picking up the nzbget project and continuing the project where the original developer stopped. Could you please review the project and decide to release a docker image for it in the future.

Github nzbget Project
Announcement on Reddit

Thanks in advance,

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We have no current plans for this. We need to see that development is actually going to happen, same way as we need for the earlier revival attempt.

Seeing some significant progress on nzbget of late with the v23 release - hard to say whether it has true ‘staying power’, but at least appears that the community has come together and ‘chosen’ this repo as the successor now :+1:


nzbgetcom/nzbget developers here.

Since last fall we released a few own versions (v22 was a refresh of original nzbget and and v23 has new features), we are addressing everything that community brings up, we build for all platforms (even more than original nzbget), we support our own docker builds on dockerhub and github and address migration issues. We also joined our efforts with nzbget-ng.

We’d like to get linuxserver.io support back please, let us know what it would take.

Updated docker info nzbget/docker/README.md at develop · nzbgetcom/nzbget · GitHub

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We are ready to help maintain the Linuxserver.io nzbget image ourselves. Changes to the latest image to support v23 are minimal - you can look at the PR in our fork Switch to nzbgetcom (https://nzbget.com) version by phnzb · Pull Request #1 · nzbgetcom/docker-nzbget · GitHub

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Just released v24 which addresses many requests from the community and adds additional features (including more extensions like Completion, NotifyPlex, SickChill support and others). We’d appreciate another review.

Pull requests · linuxserver/docker-nzbget (github.com)

We are about to revive our container using your fork, we would like to discuss par with you all and would appreciate you joining our discord for a chat about it and why this matters from our perspective. thanks!