[Request] OpenEats

For a long while now, I’ve wanted to set up a family recipe database, something that would have web / app forms to add and edit recipes (as opposed to having to enter them in Markdown, which would be a no go for most of my family).

OpenEats would seem to fit the bill, except for its setup process. There are images on Docker Hub, but the only instructions basically tell you to Git Clone, then edit a bunch of files (including a docker-copmose) and it will do some sort of build, which seems to include setting up mariadb, nginx, etc.

I have the LSIO swag / mariadb containers which are working fine, along with a host of other services all in the same docker-compose.yaml, and I fiddled a bit with the OpenEats setup to see if I could just get it to a “put this in docker-compose.yaml and run dcp up -d” state, but I couldn’t get it to work.

It would be great if you all put up a LSIO version of OpenEats that was simple to get up and running.