[Request] OpenMediaVault

Dear LinuxServer.io,

Is there any chance to supporting OpenMediaVault in near future? I think it would be great idea, since, there is not good enough container image for arm device :slight_smile:

Best regards,

openmediavault is just a webui on top of debian. we fully support debian. are you having some problem?

Dear driz,

I just want to dockerize application that i use like nginx, php, samba, etc…
Because i think it less hassle when managing it, just pull the image, and done :smiley: :slight_smile:


to be clear, you’re asking us to create a container that is the openmediavault webui? i do not think this would be possible, omv takes over most facets of the debian host. This is something you should run in a vm or bare metal.

Dear driz,

I mean not only the webui, but all of it like LinuxServer’s NextCloud Container, is that not possible?

openmediavault is JUST a webui on debian. debian can run our nextcloud container and every other container… if you are running openmediavault simply install docker/docker compose from the webui and you can install any/all of our containers

Okay, i get it, thanks :slight_smile: