[REQUEST] Ovirt Engine container

Not really sure how popular this would be but I think it is a great oversight from the Ovirt project that there is no docker container for the engine.

Ovirt is a FOSS virtualization product based on RHEV. Ovirt hosts are comprised of either Ovirt Node OS devices or RHEL/CentOS devices. What controls the hosts is the Ovirt Engine. Ovirt Engine is required for the virtualization part of the hosts to function.

Ovirt provides the Engine either as a “self-hosted” VM that gets built through tools of their own, or as extra packages for RHEL/CentOS systems.

Both Engine versions are very cumbersome to install, resulting in people overlooking this great project.

I think a dockerized version of the Engine would streamline the process immensely and lead to larger support of the Ovirt effort.