[Request] pi-hole

Pi-hole is an adblocking, privacy preserving DNS server.
Most geek users have a pi hole running in their home system. It usually is one of the first things many people install. Contrary to the name it is not limited to the raspberry pi but perfectly suitable for virtualisation and does not consume much resources.

As local DNS system it has a lot of overlap and synergies with the heimdall and swag images. especially the ability to generate and forward local domains and hostname resolution combined with DHCP could prove invaluable.
I think it is the missing peace and integration point between these and thus it would make a lot of sense spinning up an pi-hole image.

We don’t recommend running dns/dhcp servers in a container, this one won’t happen.

note, swag and heimdall can work with pihole without it being in a container.

there is a container available from pihole itself. I run it without problems. But as driz said, its better to run things like that standalone

Out of curiosity: what is the reasoning behind that? A link to read would be great.

Curious as well, why it’s not the best idea to run PH in a container? I’m no networking guru, but at the surface it seems like as long as you point to the IP of the container running PH it’d be the same as pointing to the IP of a machine running PH?