[Request] Podcast Generator

Podcast Generator is a self-hosted PHP podcast publishing service. Users (well, admins) can upload audio (or video) files and they will be available on your self-hosted service, including a nice web page to view all the episodes, and a XML feed that can be imported into any podcast client app. It’s available since 2006 (16 years already!).

Want to take a look without installing? There is an online demo on their homepage.

There were a few docker images people have built for this project, but no official one (PRs welcome):

The advantages of a LinuxServer.io version would be many: well-maintained, reusing the same base images as other containers, great documentation, supported on multiple architectures (e.g. x64 & arm), configuration through env variables, change the UID/GID of the container, not running processes as root…

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