[Request] Quick-and-Easy-Secured upload interface


I think there is something missing in the projects you are maintaining.

When you thing about sending someone a file, there is always a need for anonymity and security at a different scale. Do you want the link to expire quickly ? Immediately ? Could it be intercepted while sent to the hosting server ? Could it be intercepted while received by the client ?

Well of course, maybe you does not have any anonymity and security concerns, and sending the file through an email, or through google drive or something alike is Okay for you. But does Google or any third-party needs to know what you’re doing ? Could they use any information provided by you or the people downloading your file(s) somehow ?

In my case, I’m bored to know that Google knows too much about me. And I did a great work to erase my past on the Internet, but this is not enough, and I’m sick of companies using my data to earn money.

I want to be able to send a file indirectly to someone in a perfect secured and anonymized way.

I do not request a particular project for that, I searched a bit, and I got a top 3 :
First place : https://github.com/ldidry/lufi
2nd place : https://github.com/root-gg/plik
3rd place : https://github.com/psi-4ward/psitransfer

In my point of view, this kind of project could really fit in the work you guys are doing.


What about nextcloud?

Hello saarg.

As a nextcloud user, this is not for the same purpose.

In the topic I described how “I” would like to send to someone, but this is also about “anyone” sending a link to anyone else, without any need to register.

Also, this kind of app is very light compared to nextcloud, with a very strict purpose.

Nextcloud does everything you mentioned in your first post, and since we do have a container for it, it is a good suggestion.
I get that you want a small container only for this purpose, but if you already run nextcloud, it’s more light weight to use nextcloud.

We will have it in the back of our mind, but it’s not something we have in our plans.