[Request] Seafile

I’m a long time user for Linuxserver.io containers. I love them!
Just never got around to register myself here.

I would like to request a Seafile container.

There are a lot of containers already out there for Seafile but not with the simplicty you guys bring!
Your containers just ALWAYS work right out of the box on my Synology NAS.

No one interested in this nice peace of software?!

I have followed instructions from some users’ posts on Seafile’s forum to build Server 6.3 on my ARM64. It has been a miserable experience and as a beginning user, I was hoping their forum folks could help. Several posts later, nothing. I think Linuxserver.io putting out a Seafile Server Docker image would be awesome. Especially for new or novice users who can’t seem to make it through the compile process and where forum users, on Seafile, are not helping. T_T

I do not want to shit on an external project too much, but I put a couple days worth of effort into assembling a POC.
I got it semi working but I cannot imagine having to support this.
It honestly to me seems like they are intentionally hindering and keeping the open source codebase full of bugs so they can sell professional services and their pro version.
The biggest example of this is the over year old bug where they perform a Django version check on their WebUI from the server pid init and they have not updated that version in their codebase. The only workaround is to remove that check and compile from source.

This among many other bugs and issues I ran into leads me to believe that ingesting their open source codebase to create a functional container will always rest on the Linuxserver team to implement massive workarounds and bug fixes.

I personally recommended a hard no to the team, but I am not the end all in a decision like this. I can just say I will never put my name on this as the maintainer.

Nobody is in a position to say a hard “No” but it would need someone to be prepared to maintain it and I think as a team, if you, (or aptalca or ${DOCKER-DEV}) recommends we don’t then it’s prudent to listen to the expert advice and not proceed.

We’re a meritocracy after all.