[Request] SmartDNS

Hello there,

Is there any chances to get SmartDNS (GitHub - pymumu/smartdns: A local DNS server to obtain the fastest website IP for the best Internet experience, 一个本地DNS服务器,获取最快的网站IP,获得最佳上网体验。) docker image by Linuxserver?

Quick introduction about SmartDNS
SmartDNS is an local DNS server, that accepts DNS query request from local clients, getting DNS query from multiple upstream, and returning it the fastest results to clients

The goal is, I want to combine this SmartDNS with AdGuard Home, I think this is a pretty good thing, because I’m currently trying it from my OpenWrt router, and I want to make one on
dedicated mini server for DNS server on my home network


Unfortunately, we are not fans of DNS in a container so it is highly unlikely any of us will take this project on.

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