[Request] Standardnotes web + sync


Would love to be able to host both the web and sync app from my RPi and or other cloud provider.

this is a very popular open source note taking app which has a mobile app that can connect to the sync server as well as the web front end that can be hosted.

Would love to see this as a LSIO image with the proxy conf added, as well as some documentation on set up and getting extensions added for self hosted instances.

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I’d also like to see this please. If it helps at all for the team:

Here is a guide that Ed Leeman put together in setting up a self hosted instance with extension support. It uses compose and add in git and nginx configuration. All up three components are needed.

  1. The Standard Notes base app. Contains the sync server and web interface in one.
  2. MySQL database. I don’t believe this should be built into the final image, I already run maridb server I’d use. I think LSIO images tend to not included database anyway.

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  1. The Standard Notes Extensions. A person called Ganesh Kumar has set up a tool that “parses most of the open-source extensions available from original repository as well as from other authors and builds an extensions repository”. This can be found over here, and might be worth looking into.

So far i have the official sync server set up for the raspberry pi ( I have a 3B ) , couldn’t get the official standardnotes web to build for raspberry pi, have raised an issue on their github page to see if its a hardware restriction.

+3 for this please! StandardNotes is awesome

I came here to ask the same thing, then saw this post. This would indeed be awesome!