[Request] Standards New Sync Service

Standard Notes has recently split out their sync container into 5 (6 if you count redis) individual containers. This new setup is made with the expectation you’ll use docker compose and their script. I use unRaid, and compose isn’t a supported option. Setting up 6 new containers feels rather overwhelming for something that was much simpler.

I’d like to request for a single container to be made for the sync service again. I don’t have redis on my server at the moment, so the inclusion of redis would be appreciated.

Old sync: GitHub - standardnotes/syncing-server: [Deprecated: Use our new Node server: https://github.com/standardnotes/syncing-server-js]
New sync: GitHub - standardnotes/standalone: Standard Notes standalone infrastructure for self-hosting your own encrypted note-taking server

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I would also like to see a AIO type container for this. The management of multiple containers for 1 service is a punish.