[Request] Stash - Adult focused media server

stashapp/stash: An organizer for your adult videos, written in Go (github.com)

Stash is an adult-themed media server. It has undergone rapid development with multiple contributors and has a very flexible structure that makes it the premier option in this niche. It has an extensible setup that allows for plugins or scrapers to load metadata or find dupes, various ways to organize by studios, scenes, performers, or tags, and connection to stashDB, a community-driven platform similar to MusicBrainz.

There are two problems with the developers’ existing container ( Docker Hub)

First, the container has no way to set permissions/file ownership, so all the generated transcodes, thumbnails, sprites, or previews end up being owned by root:root no matter what. The container will not run if trying to run it as another user.

Second, a lot of the plugins and scrapers utilize some basic python (mostly requests). The current container has no python built in, so this creates hurdles for actually running these scrapers or plugins.