[REQUEST] Tinylist - a google keep replacement

Hi everyone,

So in my journey to selfhost everything I need (and de-google as many apps as possible)II would love to replace Keep.
Tinylist is everything I need,a clean and simple note taking app, under active development !

From the readme :

A secure, anonymous, minimalist PWA checklists application.

No advertisement or tracking
Free to use and open source
Does not require any registration
Usable on any modern internet-connected device (but works offline!)
Also installs as an app on your phone or tablet
Secure and anonymous
Share notes with others without exposing your data

Video description of the project: Open-Source Mini Demo - TinyList.app - TILvids

What do you think of it ?

Github : GitHub - baggachipz/tinylist: Note-keeping/checklist application for use across devices, while respecting privacy.

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