I dont know why linuxserver stopped support for this image and removed it… It was a great image and there is still nothing that beats TTRSS.
I know there is freshRSS but I dont belivie they are the same…

I have TTRSS from another maintainer right now but it feels insecure and does not have support for running the container as a user, only ROOT…

Is there no way to get TTRSS back? We are many on reddit requesting/wishing for it to come back to linuxserver !

Their dev didn’t want us to ingest the tarballs, so we dropped it. No plans to pick it back up.

So… what to do for the enduser? its a dead end? Either run it with root privs or something completly different with less functionality like freshrss?

We do provide a freshrss image if you want to go that route.

I can’t comment on other people’s images. I have not used them.


The dev is maintaining his own docker containers now, and this is the preferred installation method.


It’s annoying that all those builds have a lot of opinions on how your setup should be. I don’t see any that are just tt-rss.

I forked the deprecated LSIO repo and made a tiny edit to the Dockerfile to simply build a new image from the tt-rss master branch. I then push it up to my Docker Hub. I should figure out a way to do this manually but seems fine for now.

Just wanted to add a voice in support of having this software as a linuxserver.io container. The missing tarball seems like not a big deal, I updated dockerfile with a simple shallow git clone instead of pulling a tarball and everything works fine.

It’s not because of a removed tarball we are not building it anymore.

It’s not something we will discuss, we will not be building a ttrss image anymore.