[Request] Unifi Video

The unifi-controller image is super popular. It would be nice if we could also have a unifi-video image.

We have gotten that request before, but none of the team members have the hardware

The new G3 Flex camera is only $75. Maybe someone who is already into Unifi is interested in picking up a G3 Flex?

I don’t know of any of us that need a camera costing $75…

And most of us only use Unifi access points, with Pfsense being the most popular choice for firewall appliance.

Cameras are an important part of physical security. A home with a camera is less likely to be burglarized or vandalized. Or you can use a camera to keep an eye on your homelab to make sure no one tampers with it.

Are you seriously still trying to get us to spend money on a camera as if the time and effort we donate to the projects aren’t enough?

Why don’t you step up and contribute something?

And what do you contribute other than being an ass on the forums?

I still don’t need one. And I’m not buying one just to develop a container for it.

He’s one of our leading Devs and contributes to the project daily…

You know, for free, without pay, in the spirit of opensource as do well all.

We’re not a business we rely on donations, so, No we’re not going to use our own cash to buy hardware we don’t need to develop a container, for free. Not going to happen.

If a community member donated some hardware for us to use, we could look at it, but not if $75 of my own cash has to be used, I’d rather spend that on my own family.

As you can see, I never even implied that someone should buy the camera just to implement the container. I was just pointing out that they do have a relatively new camera that is more reasonably priced than all their previous cameras and that someone who already was into the unifi ecosystem might want to get one because they thought it was useful, not because I wanted them to get one.

I’m not sure why you guys have to be a bunch of holier-than-thou children about everything… it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Hey all I said initially was none of us needed one.

Then you tell us cameras are important, and I pointed out I still don’t need one.

Then you have a spat with aptalca and ask what he contributes and I figured you might not understand how this all works. He (and I) contribute a lot, both us doing ls.io stuff every day pretty much, voluntarily.

I’m not being holier than thou, just none of us need a camera and not unreasonably, none of us are going to buy one unless we need one.

People in the past have donated hardware for something they want developing so I suggested the option that’s all.

If we don’t inspire confidence, don’t run our code, simple.

We’re not a business, never will be a business, so there is a fundamental difference between the relationship between us and users compared with businesses and their customers.

We don’t get paid, so we’re under no obligation to develop anything, we listen to suggestions, sometimes a project gets developed if we like it or it’s a good idea, sometimes it doesn’t, for either technical or other reasons.

In the case of Unifi video we haven’t developed it because none of us have the hardware and in the four years I’ve been a member none of us has bought any Unifi gear other than access points.

I have an IP camera already, previously in use as a baby monitor, which is broken in a drawer somewhere after a toddler tantrum. That’s the only use case I have for a camera and I no longer need it.

The other option that is sometimes used, is you develop a container using our base image, contribute the code and agree to support it ongoing and we can add it to our fleet of containers and you get to use our build machines (again all our own hardware) to build the container and update it regularly.

I personally have 8 cores of my x64 server and 8GB RAM permanently donated as a Jenkins node, aptalca has a similar amount.

We’re a group of enthusiasts who devote our time, our hardware (and electricity) to keeping this afloat, anyone is free to contribute, to either support, dev, infrastructure, hardware or blog posts, in fact, if anyone has a skill that might be useful, hit us up and feel free to help.

The pay is awful ($0 per annum) the holidays non-existant, and no benefits. Open to all…

Hi there,

I’m a complete newbee here - on L|S.io but also on Docker etc.

The thing is that my NAS QNAP TS-431XeU runs on a Annapurna processor with 32-bit ARM CPU architecture (AnnapurnaLabs Alpine AL-314 32-bit ARM® Cortex-A15 quad-core 1.7GHz processor). Unfortunately it is not easy to find suitable containers… The container “linuxserver/docker-unifi-controller” is one of the rare containers that brings the UniFi Controller to my machine.

I plan to buy a PoE webcam for birdwatching - therefore the UniFi Video G3 Flex is a very relevant choice. But the camera is useless without UniFi Video software. So, a proper docker container of UniFi Video for Annapurna architecture is a condition for me before I buy any camera…

As my coding abilities are near 0 :wink: here is my offer: If anybody of you guys is motivated to create a container of UniFi Video (for 32bit ARM architecture) but has no camera I’m ready to donate $ 80 (+ shipment costs).

Hey there, I own a UniFi camera and am somewhat literate in Docker and linux. Where can I find some getting started guide to contribute this to the community? The standalone unifi-video doesn’t get many updates, so I’m happy helping to maintain it too…