[Request] Z-wave JS server (for home assistant)

Home assistant has recently depreciated its z-wave integration in favor of a new z-wave js service. Z-wave js runs as a separate server that home assistant can connect to. This allows for a restart of home assistant without having to restart your entire z-wave network.

Example of z-wave js with a server wrapper can be found here:

This container should be used alongside the home assistant container. More info about home assistant z-wave integration:

I appreciate the work that you all do, thanks for putting out great products!

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I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here using zwave stuff heavily in HA and I use zwavejs2mqtt. It’s unlikely you will see this container created, but I’ll leave this here unless anyone else is interested. I would suggest looking into zwavejs2mqtt though.

Thanks for the response. I’ve read just a little about zwavejs2mqtt, looks like zwavejs is part of it’s backend even. But I ended up just moving to home assistant os on a vm, it’s the recommended install method and has caused fewer headaches than when I was trying to run it in docker