Rutorrent docker option to add secondary download path variable?

I would like to know if its possible to add a secondary download path variable to the current rutorrent release? I looked at the original rutorrent docker and i cannot seem to find anything obvious

The reason i which to this to have my incoming torrents saved to a certain path(disk) then moved to a separate path(disk) that i have mounted in Unraid.

/config is the only hard coded and required volume mapping.

All others can be modified how you see fit. Map whatever folder you like into whatever (non-existent) folder inside the container and then select those in the gui as download or move locations

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Perfect that worked great, while i have your attention, any idea why i always have to go and “check/uncheck” the auto tools in order to get them back up and running after a reset of the docker? is there no persistent config file for that “plugin” ?

thanks again