Sabnzb post-processing scripts not work

im new to the project. before i have the “retail” installation used.

so now i try the docker. i uses the composer example.
but i have problems with the post-processing scripts.
in my old installation the script work perfectly!
Skript Exit(-1) Cannot run script /sabnzbd/scripte/

if i changed into the docker container and try to execute the script i get

abc@8bdf1320c63f:/sabnzbd/scripte$ ./
bash: ./ Permission denied
abc@8bdf1320c63f:/sabnzbd/scripte$ ls -lah
total 48K
drwxrwx---  2 abc users 4.0K Sep  4 16:19 .
drwxrwxrwx 10 abc users 4.0K Sep  3 23:04 ..
-rwxrwx---  1 abc abc   1.5K Sep  4 16:19

so what is the/my problem?
thanks for your help!