SABNZBD container with ffmpeg

I just pulled the linuxserver/sabnzbd container and deployed it. It works great.
I use the service in conjunction with sickchill and nzbToMedia.

nzbToMedia is run as a postprocessing script for the tv category. The software/python modules though require ffmpeg/ffprobe.

Now, I can go and install ffmpeg (apt-get update && apt-get install ffmpeg) into the container, create a new image and use that - however I would think that I am not alone in this endeavour?

Can the linuxserver/sabnzbd image be augmented to have ffmpeg?

We’ll give it some thought. But until then, the easiest way for you to add ffmpeg to the images is by mapping a local file called 90config into the /etc/cont-init.d/ folder, and put the following into that file:

#!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash

apt-get update
apt-get install ffmpeg

That way, you still use the original image and can update it as needed, but ffmpeg will always be installed during container start.

Here’s a sample docker run addition for that -v /home/youruser/90-config:/etc/cont-init.d/90-config

I was looking for some documentation on this very idea! Now I just need to get to work – whenever I try to do the “install” it immediately aborts and continues the rest of the startup.

take a look at for more info

Impressive! Any chance you have an example docker-compose?

Love the work you guys are doing.

there is an example of how to use docker-mods in the link i gave you.

edit: sorry i see there’s not a compose, but you just put anything with -e under the environment section, which is where the docker-mods bit is.

you can see an example sab compose by viewing sab on


I’m too deploying sabnzbd with sickchill but am struggling to get nzbToMedia to work (pls see this post: Linuxserver/sabnzbd cannot run script . Did you work it out / can you run nzbtomedia postscript?

thanks, Markus