Secrets support - Docker Compose 3.x


I just wonder if you have any plans / ambitions to move any of your images to docker compose 3.x (and thus swarm mode) in order to being able to utilize the secrets-functionality.

I believe that for instance, Authelia from your recent blog post would benefit from being run in 3.x mode and utilizing secrets for the many sensitive data in the configuration.yml

I don’t know if this is the correct sub-forum for this request so please feel free to move it as you see fit.

Whats your thoughts?

Our containers already support docker secrets but we have no problems to change our docker-compose examples to v3 as V2 has the best compatibility across the platforms we support.

Fwiw some of our containers do work in swarm mode but we don’t support it as no one within the team uses and sone containers just outright wont work due to the database software they use.

There is literally nothing stopping you from porting our examples to “support” version 3. The containers don’t really behave differently. Its more or less some syntax changes.

Also, in the latest version of compose, the version does not mean anything at all, as they have merged the schemes.

Thanks for your swift raplies.

Okay, sorry if I’m a little slow but please spell it out for me. Can I literally just use docker secrets in your v2 compose files without changing them to v3.x or changing them in any other way?

Yeah I know but it’s above my level for now. Pretty new to docker still…

Interesting. So what you are saying is that the version will be determined by the syntax that i use in the compose file?