Seeking a notification proxy

I’m trying to find a messaging/notification proxy but my Google abilities have let me down. It’d be ideal if it were LSIO, but I’ll take what I can get.

So what am I looking for? I have a large number of software packages who each offer their own range of notification technologies. There is little consistency on what can be used, and there is no assurance that they support the methods I want to consume.

Instead, I am looking for a notification proxy. It consumes a wide range of notification technologies (eg MQTT, SMTP, etc, etc), can parse the message, then decide how and who to contact. Media download? Great – just drop me an email. Hard disk failed? Send me an urgent Pushbullet or SMS notification.

Has anyone seen a package (preferably docker-friendly) that can do this?


Use the Free Notification Service – Notify.Events might get you part of the way to where you want to go but there’s no ready-made service that will make decisions in the way you’re looking for. The problem is the “can parse the message” requirement. If someone downloads the film “Hackers” how do you stop all your alarms going off because it detected the word “hackers”? Bit of a stretch that example but hopefully you’ll see my point.

Great idea. Thanks – I’ll have a look.

In your example above (love the movie reference, btw), you’re right, that could be an issue. But I think it could be resolved by making the search a little more deep. EG

If SOURCE == IDS && PAYLOAD == ‘hacker’ THEN txt Matt
if SOURCE == Plex && PAYLOAD == ‘new movie’ THEN email Matt


That’s my point. You could do that in a myriad of ways including but not limited to NodeRed, Python, N8, IFTTT… - but what happens when someone downloads - as another example - a film with the same name as a virus?

Your code will either have to support natural language processing and be context aware or you’re going to have to accept that your requirements and environment are specific to you and you’ll need to code your own decision engine. There are tools to support you doing it but the actual decisions you want it to make you’ll have to craft yourself.

like shoutrrr GitHub - containrrr/shoutrrr: Notification library for gophers and their furry friends. or apprise GitHub - caronc/apprise: Apprise - Push Notifications that work with just about every platform! ?

Thanks to both @stetho and @martadinata666. Apprise is a perfect notification library, and I can use NodeRed as the decisioning engine.

Really appreciate your advice.