Self hosting mentoring / help

I’ve learned a lot about self hosting by using images from LSIO and others and just getting my hands dirty.

But I am at a point now where my progress has slowed and would benefit from mentoring and pointers to make learning more efficient.

I’ve also come to rely on my self hosted tools more and more for work and life so I’m also at the stage where sometimes I just need someone to help fix an issue hands on or set something up well - beyond what I’d be able to piece together around work committments.

Would anyone here be willing to help with this? Either for payment or a skill exchange (I work as a growth/commercial consultant for tech startups so can help with aspects of user acquisition, marketing strategy, customer validation, how to find product-market fit etc.)?

this really isn’t the place for this kind of inquiry. There are plenty of proper places to seek someone available for hire to remotely tshoot your setup.

if you want help here, you need to explain a specific issue, provide relevant details (compose/run snippet and full logs), and we will work with you to resolve the issue. I am locking this thread, if you still need support, provide the details mentioned in a new thread.