Serving 2 or more domains with a single SWAG container

I have a single SWAG-container running for one domain. Is there a way to proxy additional domains?

Assuming yes with EXTRA_DOMAINS: is there some documentation on how this works?
There seems to be a readme on this topic. But I must be overlooking something as I can not find it.

If no: any suggestions how to deal with this use-case?

im not following what your question is? the answer is yes, as the readme states, it is EXTRA_DOMAINS as the readme states… you fill it out like the readme states :smiley: you may need to be more specific in what you’re asking?

I will add that all the domains must be on the same DNS ie, if domain1 is cloudflare, domain2 also needs to be cloudflare.

@driz : Sorry for the confusion.

The question is actually 2-fault:
(1) - Where can I find the readme-file on this topic?
(2) - Is that EXTRA_DOMAINS indead used for having not only But also a and Including all their (potential) subdomains?


Over the weekend I did some extensive testing with SWAG and Certbot.

It looks like the EXTRA_DOMAINS feature is not working as expected.
I have added 2 domains with the Docker phrase “-e,”. While the log shows that the extra domains are split in two -d options there are no certs on these extra domains, only on the primairy.
If I try the same with Certbot and “–domains,” things are working as expected.

Any suggestions?

Cheers - Will

Please provide your compose and docker logs (also ensure you’re not caching by trying with incognito or another browser)

When it comes to Docker I mainly work with Portainer and the logs inside the containers as made available from there. Where can I find the requested logs (if any)?

I’m not sure what you mean with “trying with incognito or another browser”. The .proxy/config/etc/letsencrypt/live folder just doesn’t show any other certs (except the primary). Which has nothing to do with browsing done by a client - right?

Where do you want me to put the logs I have?

I have the error.log under ./log/nginx.
And the log of the proxy container as made available via Portainer.

The readme for our containers provide the steps for getting the logs. As a side note, we do not support not recommend deploying containers with portainer, due to the significant number of issues portainer causes.

We will still need to see the compose or screen shots of your setup to render aid, though portainer causes issues for swag specifically on a regular basis

Thank you for the quick response.

Will give SWAG another go with compose and see if that improves things.
However, since I’m not familiar with this it may take a few days before I have the requested logs.