Sickchill not showing current version

Sure, but why is it so important? We’re not pulling specific git commits, we’re pulling specific tagged versions from here.

and our tags match that, essentially a completely different versioning system from git commit.

Ease of telling whether I need to update:

With the current commit level showing in the UI, and the ability to check for updates from within the UI available, I can tell immediately when I open the UI whether or not there has been an update. There is a pop-up that appears.

Without that, I need to

  • start up Putty
  • SSH into my NAS
  • sudo -i to root
  • execute a docker pull


  • navigate to some page on the web and see if the listed latest commit time matches my memory of when I last updated.

Then perhaps suggest sickchill implement a way of displaying the release used?

They do that now by changing the entry in config.ini when you use the internal updater. Unfortunately, to run Sickchill on my Synology, I have to Docker, so can’t take advantage of that.

in order to version control, we do git checkout tagname so the HEAD is detached. Sickchill’s built-in updater can’t check which branch it is in because it is not in any branch, as it is detached.

Nothing we can do about it.

The other way you could approach this is fork/make your own container, and build from GIT commit.

Is that hard to do starting with practically no knowledge?
I suspect there’d be a steep learning curve for me to be able to do that.

Easier for me, personally, with my current knowledge state, would be if you went back to doing the updates the way you were a month or so ago; then I could write a script to update my config.ini file. There’d also be the advantage of a smaller download.

Yes I think from what you’ve said you’d find it difficult.

No, we’re not changing anything on our end, we’re not going back to doing git commit builds. In the last 2 days sickchill have released 5 different versions.

Look how many commits have occurred over the same period.

Every single build we do, is built on our own hardware. Personally I have 8 cores of my server dedicated 24/7 to running a virtual machine to build the docker images, other members of the group contribute even more that that.

There’s no reason for us to dedicate our hardware, power use/money to building what would be 12 releases so far in the last two days because it’s easier for you.

The download size is immaterial, as it will be so small it’s insignificant and I’m not quite sure where you’re getting this metric from.

Consider the matter closed.