Smokeping container support

Hello everybody,

I installed docker and smokeping (your container), and it is nice.

However, I noticed two problems:

  • the Probe AnotherDNS is not up to date (expect_text and require_nxdomain variables are not implemented). I was able to fix it by replacing the Probe by the latest one in official Smokeping git from within the container itself:
cd /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Smokeping/probes/

So you could easily fix that one.

  • the other problem is that the traceroute in the container is the one from busybox, and it can be very slow, making the TraceroutePing almost useless.
    How can I install a recent binary of traceping and traceping6 in the container? I am new to Docker, and I tried to copy the traceroute from the host into the container, but it does not work.

Hello, the easiest thing to do if you’d like to modify our containers is review and pick the solution that works best for you. I suspect a mod might be best, but there are easier/quicker methods listed.

Thank you. This is helpful. :grinning:
However, I hope you will look into the AnotherDNS probe that is not up to date with the latest official one (cf. initial post).

For my other question (traceroute), I found another way to use the provided busybox implementation of traceroute as I could not find a compatible binary for this docker container.
Do you have a development container compatible with the smokeping one (Alpine environment I believe) on which one could build binaries that could then be exported to other containers?