[solved] Container has no access to internet

Over the last 10 months - on and off - I’ve been trying to make the rutorrent container work on my server, alas to no avail. Everything seems to be configured correctly, it runs, yet whatever magnet link I add to it, it is forever stuck at 0% and it does not even pass the stage when it acquires a proper name, instead being stuck with random letters/digits.

I reinstalled the container multiple times, and always arrive to the same point.

Here’s the docker-compose file I am using:

version: “2.1”
image: linuxserver/rutorrent
container_name: rtorrent
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- /z/docker/_configs/rtorrent:/config
- /mnt/storage/torrent:/downloads
- 87:80
- 5000:5000
- 51413:51413
- 6881:6881/udp
restart: unless-stopped

Here’s rtorrent.rc: https://pastebin.pl/view/7b0c9993

There is nothing suggesting an error in the logs in /z/docker/_configs/rtorrent/log/

I’d be grateful for any ideas.

What’s the host OS and docker version please? Are you deploying this via docker-compose or some other tool/gui?

Host OS: headless Arch, up to date.
Docker version: 1:19.03.12-2
Deployment: via docker-compose

Issuer persists since ~January, so over multiple updates of both OS and Docker.

are you using firewalld? RHEL variants tend to have docker issues caused by firewalld and selinux. We only test on debian/ubuntu.

you could start here: https://github.com/firewalld/firewalld/issues/407 nat tends to be the primary issue

No firewalld running on this server.
Also, it is Arch, so nothing to do with RHEL.

Ah my bad, i dont pay attention to a lot of the newish linux distros. I barely pay attention to debian and that’s what we build against :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure then, you could pop into our discord and see if anyone can help you out, but we build and test against debian/ubuntu/alpine. I do know that nfw, ufw, firewalld, <insert anything that isn’t pure iptables> causes a ton of issues because nat rules are required for docker to function.

I think the problem might be because the docker container does not seem to have connection to the internet (, or even my LAN (192.168…). I cannot ping anything outside of
Should it be pinging?

yes it should ping, if nat is working properly, it should get out (and in) without issue. All connections to your bridged docker network are via NAT

Well, I read on it and it looks like by docker default (bridge mode), docker containers do not have access to internet. Only host mode provides that.
So the question is not why mine is not working, but why anyone has rutorrent container working with the default setup.

Is there some missing step in configuration that changes the network mode of the container to Host mode?

this is incorrect. i suspect the issue is due to nat on your host, as I’ve mentioned a couple times now

For reference, this is what fixed the issue for me:

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perfect! thanks for sharing

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