[SOLVED] Reverse proxy file for CryptPad - SWAG [before: letsencrypt]

Hello everyone,

First of all - awesome job on all the images you offer.

Now, I have a container for CryptPad [image: promasu / cryptpad:latest] and I would like to have it available on my domain, via SWAG / letsencrypt, under my-domain . com / cryptpad.

I do have other containers exposed this way, but SWAG lacks config file for CryptPad, unfortunately, and none of the combinations and options I used from other templates work for me.

CryptPad uses two ports [3000 and 3001] and it seems to be using WebSockets [I’m not too deep into this stuff]. Apparently node.js/yarn app?

docker image github:

I really don’t know how to write such proxy-conf for CryptPad. Can anybody help here? I just get blank webpage when going to my-domain . com / cryptpad.

Thanks a lot for all help and effort!

  • marcxm

EDIT: I’ve found a root cause of this problem. CryptPad was designed to work in root of the domain, so it WON’T work in subdirectory … which is unfortunate, but well.

It does work using a subdomain though if that helps at all.