Sonarr and Medusa containers in podman not starting

I understand that podman is not officially supported. But I wanted to give it a go with rootless Podman.

In both Medusa and Sonarr, I bind /mnt/tvshows, which is an SMB share from my NAS mounted to my Linux server to /tv inside the container.

When I try to start the container, I get the following error:

lsetxattr /mnt/tvshows/.AppleDB: operation not supported

I do not see this same error when I run it in docker.

Is this because I am rootless? Is there a way to fix this?

Rootless isn’t supported by our containers at all. Podman will work with our containers fine I believe but with root.

Thank you. I got Sabnzbd working rootless, but these two won’t. If I can’t run rootless, then I might as well just use docker and make my life easier.

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