Sonarr docker container suddenly stopping on Unraid

I apologise if I am asking in the wrong place, but I am very out of my depth and don’t know where to turn

I have an inherited Unraid server and it has a Sonarr docker container which was (as far as I am aware) working fine until sometime overnight. Now it will only run for about 5 minutes before shutting down

I have tried rebooting the server and that didn’t help and my other docker containers seem to be working fine.

As far as I know the only thing that happened overnight was an automatic backup by CA Appdata Backup/Restore - but this has run several times before without causing a problem

Can anyone help me figure out what might have happened and help me fix it?

Does the following help explain anything or confuse matters…?

Partly out desperation, partly out of curiosity I made a copy (probably the wrong description) of the container but pointed it at a tag from a few weeks ago. That ran without stopping for a day and a half (when I had to stop it for unrelated reasons) and it’s now been running again for over 3 hours