Sonarr UNC path issue

Hi, hope I am in the right place

My Sonarr install will complete a download, but won’t do the rename and move to the TV directory. I CAN then do a “Manual Import” and “Import files Automatically” which completes the process perfectly.

The path to “/tv” is an NFS mount on a second Unraid box. Essentially Unraid box 1 is the appserver and Unraid box 2 is the fileserver

The error message I get is below.

“Couldn’t import episode /downloads/filename.mkv: UNC paths should be of the form \server\share.”

There are no Windows boxes involved, and I can’t see anywhere that a UNC path is being used.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


share screenshots of your volume setup for your downloader and sonarr

Thanks Driz. I actually solved it by upgrading the template to the v.3 preview. No clue as to why but it works fine now. Same setup, same NFS mount. After a year of manually importing shows each morning, I am just glad to have it behind me.

Thanks for the response

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