SSL Cert Help for Multiple WebTop Images

Hi all,

I’ve been working to build an infrastructure for dynamically allocating Docker WebTop images to users over the internet, but I can’t seem to override the default certificates with my SSL certificates (issued by Let’s Encrypt).

Right now, I am running a Flask app over HTTPS with these official SSL certificates. When a user comes along, my Flask app spins up a Docker container at a specific port on my server, configures the firewall to allow a connection, and returns with a link to that port. The problem is that, since the Docker WebTop image is using the certificates rather than mine, the users see a security warning, and they must go to Advanced Settings to proceed to the container.

I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to attach my SSL certificates to these containers. I’m thinking about two options:

  1. I could set up a reverse proxy using SWAG, however I’m not sure how to do this dynamically for multiple unspecified users and ports. I’m also not certain about how this will interact with my Flask app.
  2. I could simply attach my SSL certificates to each container using update-ca-certificates (however everything I have tried doesn’t seem to work).

Does anyone have any ideas they would be willing to share? I am very new to all of this (i.e., I have never done full-stack SWE prior to this project), so I may be going about doing this in the wrong way.

Thank you for your help!

Fixed this issue. Refer to my solution here.