SSL in code-server


I’m trying to configure secure access to vscode/code server docker container.
When looking at available information on the net, forums, discord,… I’ve only seen where certificates should be made available (.ssl folder).

I’m currently using this command to run it:
docker run --name vscode --restart unless-stopped --net=host -itd -v /volume1/docker/vscode:/config -v /volume1/docker/home-assistant:/config/workspace -e ‘TZ=Europe/Zagreb’ -v /usr/syno/etc/certificate/system/default:/config/.ssl -e PASSWORD=whateveritis linuxserver/code-server

And by looking inside docker container, I see that certificates are available.

Any idea on what next step should be, where can I specify path/names of the certificate or something else?

We don’t support https on this image. We recommend you to handle ssl certs through a reverse proxy.

Our letsencrypt image can do that.

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