Startup sequence improvements

First of all thanks for a great tool! Been using it for some time now.
I use it with coreelce (based on libreelec), so there are some limitations to what can be done.

I am missing startup sequence such as wait-for or health check, as torrent and jackett needs to start before sonarr and radarr.
Also would be good to change the system.d script so that it starts after all mount services has been started, my docker starts before the hd has been mounted, so the config files are missing.

i have done changes to the system.d docker filer, but each time there is a update its overwritten.

I’m confused. Are you referring to the addons we provide? Because we don’t provide addons for jackett or any torrent apps.

With that said, the drive mounts happen well before docker is even started. My external drives are all connected when the addons are launched.

What changes did you make to the systemd services?